• Location Westerham
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Posted Date 27-02-2018
  • Expires 31-03-2018
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Job Summary

Purpose of the role:

Acting as a central resource for the Obsidian Healthcare Group (Obsidian), support the delivery of materials that are compliant, accurate and meet the high standards expected by our customers and clients. To mentor and train junior members of the Central Editorial Team (CET) and independently initiate necessary training in relation to editorial services/practices and processes. To assist in overseeing work schedules and resource planning within the CET/providing cover for senior members of the CET in managing work schedules as necessary (e.g. during annual leave)

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

To undertake a variety of quality control (QC)/editing tasks independently including:

  • Working on/completing each stage of the ‘editorial life cycle’ ie independently QCing the initial Word version through to signing off the final artworked version for print/uploading
  • Proofing/QCing/copy editing drafts written by the medical writers to ensure clarity of meaning, accuracy of content, correct spelling and use of grammar, consistency of style and format
  • Covering full range of paper and digital medical education/communications materials including meetings materials, publications, training materials, monographs etc
  • More detailed editing of drafts under the guidance of the medical writers – eg linguistic editing of copy written by authors who do not speak English as a first language
  • QCing/formatting PPT slides including transferring slides to a different template/resizing
  • Checking redrawn scientific/technical/medical figures/graphs/tables and providing feedback/incorporating amends as necessary
  • Creating speaker/author biographies from CVs and reviewing those edited/written by other members of the CET
  • Train junior members of the CET in how to create/edit biographies
  • Checking artworked/programmed copy against the original MS Word version
  • Checking that amends have been incorporated in artworked/digital copy

To undertake a variety of administrative tasks to support the writers and the QC process including:

  • Understanding the core principles of copyright as it applies to medical communications and identifying material that requires copyright permission to reproduce
  • Undertaking the submission process for journals and congresses including:
  • Styling items as per journal instructions (including making sure that word counts etc are correct)
  • Submitting material to a journal/congress via an online process
  • Mentoring/training junior members of the CET in journal practices
  • (e.g. styling, submissions etc)

To provide support to the writing team by performing activities such as:

  • Data checking copy following a briefing by the medical writer
  • Preparing marked-up reference packages
  • Managing and administering the process for marking up references on on-line databases (eg Zinc) and mentoring junior members of the CET in their use across all accounts
  • Supporting the development of Reference Manager libraries
  • Redrawing figures/tables in PPT
  • Creating slide templates

To incorporate client comments to MS Word draft or artworked copy under guidance from the medical writer

To support writers in their liaison with studio, including:

  • Briefing in materials to studio based on the writer’s requirements/instructions
  • Checking artwork copy vs original
  • Briefing in changes with studio
  • Checking changes to artwork

Utilising own editorial experience/skills and medical communications agency knowledge to support the Central Editorial Team Leader (CETL)/Principal Editor (PE) in the following:

  • Training initiatives in-house including PPT and editorial knowledge/processes
  • Developing training initiatives independently to meet the needs of the editorial team/Obsidian as a whole in order to enhance/improve understanding of editorial practices/knowledge of grammar etc and ensure best practices are being followed
  • Developing/contributing to company and client style guides and other guidance
  • Mentoring and training new and junior members of the CET alongside the CETL/PE
  • Reviewing QC work carried out by new/junior members of the CET and providing appropriate/constructive feedback
  • Providing input regarding individual development within the CET and contributing to the appraisal process/recruitment where requested
  • Showing awareness of resourcing needs within the CET to ensure adequate and appropriate sharing/delegating of workload between all members of the team
  • Have an ability to assess overall and future workload in the CET in order to highlight possible ‘peaks and troughs’ and arrange additional/freelance assistance as necessary
  • Demonstrating an understanding of how long editorial tasks should take/how much time should be budgeted
  • Ensuring each stage of the editorial process is undertaken including signing off artwork for print and checking printer’s proofs
  • Championing editorial processes within Obsidian and ensuring that work is produced to high editorial standards
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